Hi there - I'm Kiki.

I am a retired physician assistant turned holistic health practitioner specializing in women's overall well being. I help women like you transmute chaos and align with the peace inside of you on every level - physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally, and on a SOUL level!  

I am also a Kambo frog medicine, Theta subconscious reprogramming, reiki hands on energy healing, & sound therapy practitioner. I utilize these modalities to help you release unprocessed trauma & emotions stored in the body contributing to your physical and psychospiritual health.  

I am here to bring my medicine to the masses. My mission is to help you reclaim your health & reconnect with your beautiful body through 1:1 coaching, reiki + sound therapy, as well as Kambo circles and retreats  in Arizona AND all over the country.

After suffering from hormone issues since the age of 15, I went on to become a physician assistant specializing in the field of hormone optimization. I have been in practice for almost 8 years and I have helped so many people feel the best they have in decades. 


A shift occurred in the way I think about hormones when the way I have been trained and practicing for years failed me personally. I couldn’t tolerate the medications and hormones I had been prescribing and utilizing to help people for so long. After being on them for years, I started having major side effects. When I became seriously ill with what I later found out was Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) along with a Strep infection, I knew I needed a different approach. This is when I decided to deep dive into holistic healing, Ayurvedic medicine, as well as intuitive energy healing using Reiki. 


My philosophy is a unique blend of my 8 years of experience in conventional, Western medicine, along with alternative medicine, holistic medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Anthony William of The Medical Medium’s teachings, intuitive healing, and most recently, plant medicine. By bringing these modalities together cohesively, I create a personalized, divinely guided way to address what is going on in your body. This not only includes your physical symptoms and conditions, but stuck emotions and traumas, as well. Creating understanding around what is happening in your body and why allows us to work together to create a custom treatment plan for you. 

I don't do anything like anyone else.

I've spent much of my life learning the "hard" way.

I've been through so much. 

And with each step of my journey,

I've known I was going through it all 

so that I could help you.